fb GNU/Linux RPMs


File: fb-1.5-3.i386.rpm ( 24,704 bytes ) -- Will install /usr/bin/fb, for GNU/Linux running on an i386 machine (or higher), and /usr/man/man1/fb.1 and in /usr/doc/fb-1.5: README, fb.doc, and fb_exmp.html (the examples HTML page as of April 1999; if you want the current version of fb_exmp.html, simply save it to your machine).

Download: RPMS/i386/fb-1.5-3.i386.rpm

File: fb-1.5-3.src.rpm ( 29,118 bytes ) -- Will install /usr/src/redhat/SPECS/fb-1.5-3.spec and in /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES: fb_tar.gz (which contains the source code) and fb_exmp.html (the examples HTML page).

Download: SRPMS/fb-1.5-3.src.rpm

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